The function of religion in society

... Religion lays down guidelines for human life. Giving an unambiguous statement about life it provides confidence and clarity. Man can concentrate about daily life, working life and the future prospects ...

No doubt that arrogance is the biggest mortal sin of the present time...

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Attitude to Life

Life with or without God has been discussed for centuries. Ever since Augustine the matter of original sin has been debated. How should man be regarded as a humble, but unique individual as a result of the Story of the Creation?

With or without God human being has nearly always tried to grade its role in universe. Who am I? Who are we? Where do we come from? What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? The questions are still asked, and by globalization, where it has appeared, that the Earth is round, the answers are more multifarious than earlier. Cultures and religions meet or are confronted with each other after being geographically separated in the past...

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The missing link

Scientists have for years been looking for the missing link among sculls from the past. The quarrels about whether humans come from the animal kingdom or somewhere else seem to be never-ending.

Professor Niles Eldredge, winner of the Nobel Prize, argues that evolution passes in leaps. The ecosystems cause evolution in leaps because of climatic changes, meteoric fall, and natural disasters. Charles Darwin who introduced Origin of the Species believed that evolution has past regularly and is primary genetic controlled.

According to Niles Eldredge there is no reason to look for the missing link. The missing link can easily be explained by the evolutionary leaps. We have got enough knowledge to establish evolution as a fact. In his opinion humans should rather care about what they are doing to the Earth today ...

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