Selfishness is impossible by seeking the true meaning of life?

Talking about the meaning of life it is insufficient to stay in the narrow intimate sphere. Take a walk outside, and you will understand. The surroundings of course play a part. We are humans living together and interfering in each otherís life. Our welfare is depending on other human beings and on the environment in a wider spectrum. Do we pay regard to nature while acting?

Look upon the matter of facts from another point of view. Imagine Godís existence, a creature watching evolution, but also human behaviour, from outside. To some extent it is able to interfere.

What on Earth are we doing? How do we treat each other, and how do we care about the creation? Searching for the meaning of life we should always look upon life as a whole.

If you continue reading, you will read about evolution and The Creation, as if they work together. And why shouldnít they?

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