The youth rebellion

A cultural space around the individuals occurred by the youth rebellion in the late sixties.  The different movements insisted on freedom in all kinds of human relations, but also in our relations with the nature: Greenpeace, the ecological movements, songs and demonstrations for peace, and alternative ways of living.

People are not only part of family or a member in society. They create their environments. The cultural space also manifests by new costumer relations.

A lot of mechanisms still believe that they are in charge. The biggest obstacles today are the family structure and the Capital. Sometimes they are willing to stay in charge by all means...

A human being is


a creature living on the Earth


an individual living in a society


a person with a family


something special

... It is very often the close relations that causes emotional problems. Roles are developed by demands from society, but also from family members. They are not always logical founded, especially not when they come from the family.

Once in a while an individual breaks out to seek the truth, because he is not happy with the situation.

From a personal point of view this is the area of mental health. Who am I? If a person doesn’t step backwards once in a while, he won’t be able to reflect on his behaviour. In his mind the surroundings are goodies and baddies, never real people. Illusions replace self-knowledge...

Ethics first of all concern personal behaviour

Development is step by step, but ethics is a matter of this very moment and will always be. From this moment ... you are able to change the world ... It will always be a personal decision ... No one will understand, unless he uses himself as the starting point... 

The necessity of making up one’s mind

It is a regrettable fact that most people have to be critically ill or close to a fatal accident to look upon life with open eyes. Their self-images prevent them from looking at life as a gift, or as a potential, or as a lot of possibilities...