Evolution - natural processes and Gods interference

Once upon a time God created humans so that they could multiply. God had chosen the Earth for his plan, which took him million of years to develop. He wanted to create a creature being able not only to stand on its own feet, but also to take a position on and to solve problems occurring. Humans evolved from the animal kingdom. Every little step of life involved new possibilities. Genetic constructions became more and more complex.

Evolution moves in leaps. For a very long period nothing happens, and suddenly a new possibility is born. Being able to interfere God looks at the creation. It takes time to evolve a certain feature, to use the forelegs as arms, hands, and fingers. Afterwards the creature must learn to develop tools, using them for survival.

Humans gradually create their own life style, being socially minded. Figure_copy(1).gif (9726 byte)Culture is the context of the human beings, where they live together and use their knowledge and their social understanding. But they are never left alone. God interferes in their minds through dreams and visions, providing them with religions, telling what to do and not to do. Commands are formulated to ensure that people behave decently. Self-confidence and self-respect are necessary elements for solving problems creatively.

By the use of tools humans tighten their dependence on natural processes. The mind and the imagination make it possible to develop new methods and new ways of living. They built houses and cultivate the earth, and they learn how to read and write. Some times God interferes, and sometimes he doesn’t...