Freedom is to be on your own, which is most desirable for anyone who want to know the truth, and want to learn what reality is. Itís so easy to hide behind roles, and to shout ímother!í every time you donít understand something completely. Mother will protect you, if sheís still there. But you donít learn a thing! ...

Freedom and participation

Lots of places around the world people live far from decency and beyond the poverty line. In a global perspective we cannot go on regarding other people and cultures as totally independent from ours. They are not. Freedom in one part of the world depends on the solutions to poverty and crop failures in the rest of the world.

In the West they talk about globalization. What they really do is exploiting the poor countries where the labour is cheap, or where the legislative power allows removal of hazardous chemicals. Globalization ought to take other people and cultures into consideration by any kind of interference, instead of just using them.

The news is that real life consists of many aspects. Very few people are aware of the variety. Take a walk outside your house and think about it. Inside you are surrounded by illusions from TV, pretending to tell you everything about life.

Freedom is a personal matter as well as an interpersonal one. Because of the curvature of the globe human communities have to cooperate, beginning with the urgent circumstances. At the same time individuals should consider what freedom is really like...