The expansion of consciousness

Competition stems from animal behaviour and is originally aggression. In nature aggression guarantees that vigorous creatures defeat the weak ones. Human beings learned how to use tools so that they could survive, without developing the same physical strength as the beast of prey. Bow and arrow were necessary to kill animals. Using tools man no longer lived in a state of nature, but was able to conquer nature.

Research work has shown that humans by shooting and eating animals ingest high-protein food, which increases brain capacity, while leaves and other vegetarian food keep the brain capacity low.

Mentality of the human beings thereby changed. Watchfulness caused new solutions of sheltering and preparation of food. They learned how to make use of fire, and how to store food. And consciousness improved.

In the course of time many other technological conquests appeared. Among the path-breaking inventions that crucially changed the existence of the people of that age was the plough, which made it possible thoroughly to cultivate the earth, using oxen as tractive force. Subsequently the wheel was invented, making transport of stones and heavy equipment possible. The time frame is long.

The brains of humans are more developed than the brains of other mammals. The cerebral cortex is much bigger than at any other animal. Different parts of the brain have got common features with different species of animals, a very fascinating study. Humans are endowed with the power of abstraction, meaning the ability to express themselves. They can understand the surroundings, taking changes into account, and they are socially minded, the foundation of culture. No other creature has been able to accumulate knowledge and to work up experiences into new behaviour...