In the family

In the family you are not allowed to beat your wife, but any other kind of behaviour is ok. You can say what ever you like. Words can be regretted without further ceremony. Hate is ok, as long as itís part of ordinary role playing.

If you overstep the mark, public norms in shape of the police can be send for, but the limits are wide, because the public by tradition donít want to interfere in private matters. On the other hand individuals are often stocked in the norms of the family, with no room for dignity and happiness.

Itís possible that a majority of people are doing fine in the frames, or are doing fine most of the time. They are able to confirm them in the view that they are right, no matter what they do. In former days they said: What the old man does is always right. In modern society women have taken over. So donít offend mother!

... Norms correspond to roles, maintaining them contemporary with respiration and just as automatically.

What was meant to be a better balance between man and woman has sometimes changed into another unhealthy state of mental imbalance...